About Melanie

About Melanie

Highly specialised child, adolescent, adult psychologist and forensic assessor

Melanie is a highly specialised child, adolescent and adult psychologist and forensic assessor specialising in developmental trauma, attachment science, schema theory, family dynamics, mental health and child and adult forensic assessments. Using innovative multi-disciplinary approaches that seek to assess psychological problems, psychopathology and risk, Melanie is able to work effectively, thoroughly and skillfully to provide clear and concise assessments in the most complex of cases. Visit our Services page for more information.

Melanie has worked within the family and criminal court system as an expert witness since 2006; being committed to social justice, she continues to work in mental health and as a specialist social policy advisor. She has also conducted research and has published widely on family breakdown, the early years (neuroscience and attachment), mental health and personality disorders, attachment science and its application to family law.

Melanie is also a member of the Absolute Forensic Assessments team.

Expert witness – public law, private law and criminal law

As an expert witness working in the Family Court System since 2006, Melanie will always ensure that proper forensic procedures are in place that are both balanced and comprehensive, and will testify, if needed, about the psychological issues involved in a case. Melanie is able to answer concisely and thoroughly any hypothetical questions that may arise regarding how psychological issues could affect a case in complex matters such as relocation, domestic violence, alienation or parenting plans with very young children.

Her ability to investigate the root causes of current mental health difficulties using her wealth of knowledge and highly specialized training is both crucial to the assessment process, and to producing a thorough and evidence based evaluation of the sometimes highly complex psychological issues involved in any particular case.

Melanie is working with other professionals to set up a new regulatory body for specialist expert witnesses and assessors. For more information please contact info@keighleygillconsulting.co.uk.

Melanie has gone back into (parent’s) past to find the root cause of her current mental health difficulties with thoroughness I have not encountered before

Workshops, training and lectures

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