• Child and Family Global Assessments. Highly experienced psychologist specialising in assessments of children, adolescents, adults and families.
  • Highly experienced in complex and intractable Private Law proceedings.
  • Highly specialised Parental Alienation expert in cases of high conflict. Conducts research into specific psychological profiles in alienating parents. As a member of the Association for Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), Melanie follows the ‘Model Standards of Practice’ developed by the AFCC.  Melanie has advised on psychological approaches within Private Law proceedings within the UK Departments of Justice, DWP, David Norgrove and the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relations (2015)
  • Specialist Child Forensic Expert, children in the court system, (family and criminal cases) ABE interview analysis, ‘veracity’ and memory assessments, child/adolescent perpetrators/victims of violence and sexual violence. Melanie has a Law Society Accredited Degree and is trained in Child Forensic Psychology.
  • Trained in evidence based attachment interviews for adults, adolescents, children and infants (developed by Dr Patricia Crittenden and tied to the Dynamic Maturational Model of Attachment and Adaption (DMM).
  • Schema Assessments for Children, Adolescents and Adults (assesses a variety of long-standing emotional difficulties in individuals, for example, personality disorders in adults. The method combines cognitive, behavioural, attachment and experimental approaches).
  • Parenting Assessment using specialised attachment interviewing (PAI). A Parental Development Interview (PDI) is conducted to assess parental reflective function regarding their child.
  • Uses adolescent and adult forensic assessments including PCL-R (Assessment of Psychpathy), CAPP (Comprehensive Assessment of Psychopathic Personality), START (Short Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability), HCR-20 (Assessing Risk and violence).
  • Uses risk assessment and management of sexual violence using SVR-20 (Sexual Violence Risk) and RSVP (The Risk of Sexual Violence Protocol). SAPROF (Structured Assessment of Protective Factors for Violence Risk)
  • Uses risk assessment of domestic conflict: B-SAFER (Brief Spousal Assault Form). ODARA (Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment). DVRAG (Domestic Violence Risk Assessment Appraisal Guide)
  • Uses SAVRY: Structured assessment of violence risk in youth, AIM ( Assessment and Intervention for children under 12 years who display sexually harmful behaviour)
  • Methods which combine both assessment and therapeutic support, measuring the potential for change ( Traumatic Attachment Induction Test/TAIT and VIG/Video Interaction Guidance)
  • Deploys innovative, integrative methodologies in clinical practice.


For a detailed CV and more information about Melanie’s training and continued professional development please email info@keighleygillconsulting